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After care instructions

The first piece of Saniderm/second skin can be left on your new tattoo for 8 to 24 hours. If you notice excessive weeping or fluid under the Saniderm, replace it with a new piece.

At the 24-hour mark, remove the Saniderm gently. Wash the tattoo area with a mild antibacterial soap and allow the area to dry. Once dry, apply a second sheet of Saniderm. This will stay on for up to 6 days and see you through the peeling stage.

Image by Hemant Kanojiya

Can I shower with it on?

Saniderm stays on skin even when immersed in water... so you’re able to shower as normal. It is waterproof, however excessive exposure to water should be avoided because it could weaken the adhesion.


How much should I use?

We recommend using two to three pieces per tattoo, in order to allow ample time for healing. Your first piece may be used for 8-24 hours, and the next pieces should be used 1-6 days each, depending on how much fluid the tattoo weeps.

Image by Tyler Nix

Can I sunbathe with it on?

Saniderm does not contain any kind of sun protection, so you should avoid prolonged sun or UV ray exposure. We do not recommend exposing your new tattoo to UV rays, ever - with or without Saniderm. Even after your tattoo is fully healed, continue to use sun protection to maintain the integrity of your tattoo colors.

About Saniderm

Saniderm locks in the body’s natural moisture and healing enzymes, allowing the body to heal itself in the most efficient manner possible. After skin has been injured, healing elements are produced to help break down dead tissue and rebuild new tissue. Under normal circumstances, these healing elements dry up and evaporate which reduces their effectiveness. When this happens, longer healing times are required and scabbing and scarring may occur. Saniderm locks in these healing elements, and allows the skin to continue to function as normal because the bandage is permeable to oxygen and water vapor (breathable). In addition, Saniderm protects against dirt and germs while eliminating friction and other irritations that might further interfere with the healing process.

Helpful tips

  • Do not use a washcloth, loofah, or sponge to clean your tattoo. These can be painful to clean a new tattoo with and may harbor bacteria.

  • The best way to remove Saniderm is to find an edge of the bandage and then to pull it back over itself in the direction of hair growth. Pulling upward on the Saniderm can be painful, so we don’t recommend it. We suggest removing the Saniderm in a warm shower. The warm water will loosen the adhesive and make it easier to remove.

  • Make sure that you properly apply the Saniderm bandage (all edges are sealed) and leave at least 1 inch of a buffer area around the tattoo.

  • Rounding the corners before application will help reduce pulling or peeling of the adhesive edges.

Things to remember

  • Avoid long exposure to water. during the healing process. i.e. Swimming, Sauna, water sports. Showering is OK.

  • The sun is your greatest enemy of all and will do more damage fading them than anything else you do.

  • Don't expose your Tattoo to the sun or tanning beds.

  • When your Tattoo is fully healed apply a high SPF sunscreen ( 30-50 ) when out in the sun to protect your tattoo from sun damage and fading

  • Treat your new tattoo as an open wound. You should never touch it with unwashed hands or abrasive materials

  • Clothing can irritate a new tattoo, so cotton only directly is a safe bet.

  • New tattoos will usually itch after about a week, but don’t scratch it or pick at it.

  • To relieve the itch, slap it or use a cortisone cream only if necessary.

  • Avoid strenuous activities (working Out) that will stretch your skin during the healing process for at least the first week after receiving a new tattoo.

Basic traditional aftercare

Non-Saniderm flim method

  • Step 1.) Remove your bandage after two hours.

  • Step 2.) First wash your hands thoroughly with non-scented anti-bacterial soap like (original Dial). Then gently wash your tattoo with the same non-scented anti-bacterial soap (original Dial or equivalent) use soapy fingertips in a circular motion and rinse well with cool water. Keep clear of dirt and debris, KEEP IT CLEAN!.

  • Step 3.) Pat dry using paper towel or clean hand towels. Allow it to air dry, then apply a thin layer of Tattoo Balm or Aquaphor. Rub it in well to distribute it evenly, Aquaphor should be applied with a very thin layer. DO NOT OVER APPLY!. This will moisturize, soothe, and help aid in the healing process.

  • Step 4.) Do not re-cover your Tattoo. Let it breathe! That also means do not use petroleum-based products this will clog your pores!

  • Step 5.) Repeat this cleansing procedure with a Tattoo Balm or Aquaphor application 3-5 times a day for 7 days to keep the skin supple and moisturized. After 7 days you can switch to a good non-scented extra dry skin lotion (Lubriderm). Apply the dry skin lotion 3 to 5 times a day for the next 7 days.


if your Tattoo is not healing normally and if an infection occurs, Consult a Physician Immediately!

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