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From custom designs to cover-ups and enhancements, discover how we transform your tattoo dreams into reality. Book your free consultation today and let us bring your vision to life.


Custom Tattoos

Collaborate closely with our skilled artists to translate your unique vision into a breathtaking work of body art. From initial concept to final masterpiece, we meticulously craft each design to reflect your individuality,


Tattoo Enhancements

Revitalize your existing tattoos with Valraven Ink's Enhancement Service. Our skilled artists breathe new life into old ink, enhancing colors and details to restore vibrancy and freshness to your beloved tattoos.



Transform your past tattoos into new masterpieces with our Cover Up Service. Our expert artists skillfully conceal unwanted ink with custom designs tailored to your preferences, leaving you with a fresh canvas to express your new self.


Free Consultations

We believe in the power of meaningful connections and personalized experiences. That's why we offer complimentary consultations, where we listen attentively to your ideas and aspirations. Our mission is to ensure every client feels understood and empowered to embark on their tattoo journey with confidence.

Tattoo Styles

  • Black and Gray Tattoos

  • Dot work Tattoos

  • Fineline Tattoos

  • Blackwork Tattoos

  • American Traditional Tattoos

  • Trash polka Tattoos

  • Realism Tattoos

  • Glitter Tattoos

  • Watercolor Tattoos

  • Color Tattoos

  • Neo-Traditional Tattoos

  • Tribal Tattoos

  • Nordic (Viking) Tattoos

  • Floral Design Tattoos

  • And More

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Butterfly Tattoo

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Our studio is located at 99 Union square, Milford NH 03055. If parking at the store front is not available, please use the second pin on the map to locate the town parking lot.

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